Our work

We struggle, sometimes, with our presentations.  Sometimes it’s challenging to know what to leave in, and what to leave out.  Usually, it’s what gets left out that is the most powerful.

Last week, Jamie in our office here did a PechaKucha style presentation (2o slides, 20 seconds each) to the graduate students in the faculty of landscape architecture here at the University of Calgary.  He was one of 5 presenters, with the direction that recent projects were to be presented to the students for them to oogle.  That’s alot of information to put forward in under 10 minutes.  And not an insignificant amount of oogling.

We talked about it and decided that the best value for that time was to present one interesting project and tell the story of how it evolved; explain the process.  Use simple graphics with straightforward descriptions, but tell a compelling story, one that would enlighten and inform.

Jamie worked out the story and, in combination with some some tasty graphics, told a great story of how we helped a client in Northern Alberta achieve success.  The process allowed enough time to ensure the students weren’t overwhelmed and got some good insight into the profession.  At the end, Jamie got some kudos from the head of the department, primarily due to the story he told and the insight he imparted.  Nice.

And because I totally forgot to take any action shots while I was there, here’s a picture of Jamie with his eyes closed: