Seton Regional Commercial Centre (phase II)


Brookfeld Residential Properties Inc




Calgary, AB


  • Phase II of a 360-acre commercial centre.
  • 818 studio continued the urban design and pedestrian realm amenities created in the frst phase.
  • Extensive naturalization strategy employed in the first phase was continued through this phase.
  • Design includes a significant biorietention element capable of accommodating the rainwater runoff from the parking lots and buildings.
  • Pedestrian spaces evoke an urban ‘industrial chic’ aesthetic: another ‘downtown’ in south Calgary.
  • Design team employed simple, durable materials in dynamic arrangements throughout the site.
  • Redeployed the custom urban furnishings from the first phase, with updates based on the lessons learned from the previous construction

818 studio is a different landscape architecture studio.

We create stunning environments through close collaboration.
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