Forest Lawn Natural Park


Parks Foundation, Calgary + Antyx Community Arts


Completed in 2016


Calgary, AB


  • 818 led the design team, coordinating with community groups, the City of Calgary, permaculture consultants, and a public artist
  • park is a two-acre parcel in neighbourhood of Forest Lawn
  • focus was a new playground with natural elements like boulders, logs, hills, and wood materials to encourage active, unstructured play, and as well as interaction with ecology at all ages
  • extensive community engagement at the outset through multiple sessions over several years, which directly led to key design decisions that responded to the community’s needs
  • main elements include a natural playground, basketball court, hillslide, bioswale with wooden boardwalk, rope bridge, and new plantings
  • project fostered community ownership, including resident maintenance of a food forest
  • according to the observations of a research team both pre and post-revitalization, park use increased by 216%, with significant youth engagement

818 studio is a different landscape architecture studio.

We create stunning environments through close collaboration.
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