City of Calgary Neighbourhood Open Space Guidelines


City of Calgary




Calgary, Alberta


Suburban placemaking
  • This project was launched from the results of Beddington Heights This Is My Neighbourhood (TIMN), an initiative created by the City of Calgary
  • The result: a framework and handbook for development of recreational open space in suburban Calgary communities
  • enables invested community members to undertake the assessment and redevelopment of their open spaces and to create community amenities
  • 818 studio’s role was to develop best practices and a general step-by-step process for fostering and evolving the character of recreational open space
  • 818 studio worked with multiple stakeholders to analyze the recreational open spaces within Calgary, assist with community engagement, and prepare this document
  • Chapter 1: general step-by-step process for understanding and redeveloping open spaces
  • Chapter 2: solutions specific to Beddington Heights
  • Chapter 3: additional information on resources to help facilitate community-led initiatives

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