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May 11 2017


In business, just like life, there are highs and there are lows.  The highs are unfortunately short, but the lows.

December 4 2018

Is your superpower being organized?

  Is your superpower being organized? Do you love accounting and administration (with a well-honed skill of providing solutions)? Do you.

March 17 2017

washed up

I ran into a small situation today that made me pause.  It was a small thing, but it stuck with.

March 8 2017

engagement of the public

Hey Kids, So, Sara is away this week undertaking some public engagement training (IAP2) and reported back on the fun stuff.

March 7 2017


We struggle, sometimes, with our presentations.  Sometimes it’s challenging to know what to leave in, and what to leave out..

February 26 2017


Hey Kids, For those of you who aren’t CBC radio listeners (there’s probably a couple), Terry O’Reilly was in town.

February 9 2017

would you look at that…..

It’s always nice to be noticed. Check out Niel Braun’s LinkedIn post and the Regina Home Builders’ Association. We have great.

January 30 2017


Our recent intern, Nicole, left us on Friday to go back to New Zealand and resume her studies.  Interns are.

January 10 2017

Twelve Years Old

Hey Kids, So, the LinkedIn tells me we are 12 years old this year.  Kind of crazy, I never thought.

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