about us

818 studio is a different landscape architecture studio.

We are a design driven firm with a strong focus on helping our clients. We primarily engage in the practice of landscape architecture, and also provide solutions for public engagement, masterplanning, 3D rendering, and project management. Our emphasis is on authenticity, successful outcomes, and creating teams with great people.

Our Approach

creating stunning environements through close collaboration.

It starts with our team

We need to cultivate passion, curiosity, and strive for excellence with our group. Our team needs to be solid so we can provide solid service, expertise, and creative solutions to our clients.

Relationships matter

Everyone wants to work with their friends, because friends are great people. Otherwise, why would you be friends, right? We provide great solutions that we are passionate about it, and that takes significant effort. We want to share that passion and experience to help our friends, our clients, with solutions to their challenges. Like every great relationship, it has to be reciprocal.


Together, we can make great things and provide creative solutions. Collaborating with our clients, our team and our colleagues, we can create fun experiences, tell great stories, and provide tailored solutions. We aren’t screwdrivers, we are designers.


Our solutions for our clients are tailored, bespoke. Each project we collaborate on is unique. That is one of the best things about our engagement with our clients, no two are the same.

We prefer to just do it rather than talk about it. Instead of evangelizing about the benefits of sustainable design, conservation strategies, xeriscaping, and resource management, we just embed them as part of our commitment to responsible, modern design. But if you want more, we’ll take you as far as you want to go.