I’m so stupid sometimes. 

When we are recommended to a potential client by a friend or colleague, I try to work my ass off to help them out. I mean, I don’t want to let down the person that recommended us, and I want to prove that the recommendation wasn’t misplaced. 

This can lead to issues. 

Last week we received such a recommendation, and I was pretty jazzed. It was an ego boost, and I was relishing the high. So naturally my perception of reality was skewed from the start. I prepared a scope of service and tied it to, what I thought, was a really great fee. Go re-read the second paragraph. 

The discussion ended with the potential client very sagely indicating that maybe this wasn’t the opportunity and observing that going ahead would just make everyone unhappy. That was a very insightful dose of cold water. Right to the pills. It was the right call and the one I should have made if I wasn’t so high. A good reminder early in the year.