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About US

We are Calgary based 818 studio, a unique landscape architecture planning and design firm offering our clients a full complement of site planning, design, contract documents, and project management services. Focusing on functional, economical & elegant site solutions we promote a collaborative problem solving approach with our clients, design members, and contractors to ensure an effective design process and complete product.

Rick Gendron


Rick is the founder of the firm, and has a diverse background in planning, site design, and project management. He really wants to write something humorous, but is trying to be professional.

Carlos Mier y Ponce Arzani


Carlos is an integral part of the management team, with a unique perspective on design. Carlos has an extensive portfolio of successful projects in Mexico, British Columbia, China and Alberta.

Jamie Johnson

senior landscape designer

Jamie’s background in Industrial Design and Masters in Landscape Architecture have given him keen problem solving skills and attention to detail. In his free time he goes on tour playing a mean lead guitar for international rock stars.

Heather Connor

The Mighty Organizer

Heather’s extensive experience, meticulous accuracy and keen eye for detail allow her to effectively manage the most complex projects with ease; all while keeping our team organized and sane. Heather strongly believes “obsessive organization is not a disease”

Blog Posts

  • that’s valuable

    When you start to think of things by their cost instead of their value, it’s time for a holiday.
  • details, details

    When I was a kid, about a thousand years ago it seems, my folks would drill into my head the mantra of “look both ways before you cross the street”.  Although, maybe it’s not so much a mantra as it is a set of urban operating instructions.  Which is odd because I grew up in […]
  • building blocks

    Our provincial association, the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects, has an internship program where senior practitioners act as mentors to the interns coming up in the profession.  It’s a good program and a way of passing on knowledge and insight to these emerging professionals. If you look up what a mentor is, it boils down […]
  • the friday thing

    Stampede kicked off today, big parade, lots of hats and boots.  Shatner leading the parade.  Shatner.  So surreal.  Rock it, man. The next week will either be very productive for most people due to the lack of phone calls, or very unproductive due to the abundance of Stampede parties.  I’m leaning towards more productive, but […]

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